Chance Cyclist encounter in Richmond Park

As winter arrives it is getting dark early and so the commute home is now a night time affair. Usually on the ride you can see the other cyclists’ outfits but now it’s just lights and the shine off my front light on the Lycra clad bums and thighs of the cyclist in front.
Tonight as I headed away from the office it was a bit breezy with a bit of spitting rain so I was prepared for a slog through the park and wet kit by the time I got home.
On getting to Richmond Park the cars were gone as the gates were closed and there was a line of cyclist going through the gate so whilst I was waiting my eyes took in the guy in front of me who was in his club kit and he was lean with a small tight bum that extenuated his thick thighs. I decided a quick pit stop before a couple of laps would be a good idea so the glow of the light from the toilets next to the café was a welcome sight. As I approached I could see a nice Specialized bike parked up outside so I leant my bike against the railing and went in and headed for the urinals. Already at the urinal was a tall cyclist with ASSOS black 3 quarter bibs with a red Rapha jacket. I took my place at the other end of the urinal and pulled the top of my light blue bib shorts down and started to piss. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that the other cyclist was just finishing up and was adjusting himself and turned towards the sinks. After he had left I finished up and repositioned my cock and washed my hands. My light blue shorts show all of the bumps and curves so after I have just pissed I usually try to tuck my cock behind the padding but being that it was dark out I didn’t worry too much.
As I exited the toilets the other cyclist was crouching down fixing something on his bike and looked up and I could see that his eyes locked onto my bulge and I felt very aware of my cock and as I looked down I realised it was very visible with a wet piss spot.
I continued walking but as the cyclist stood up I got another glimpse of his toned thighs and he was sporting a very impressive bulge. I got onto my bike and continued on my way. I took off around the park and I was amazed at how clear the sky was with a very full moon. I passed a couple of people on the way around but besides that the park was rather empty. I continued around the Park and as I came around the west side of the park coming up to the hill which has a great view back over London it was breath-taking still. I usually think of taking a photo but usually decide to keep on cycling but as I a approached a could see something moving in the middle of the road and as I approached there were a couple of deer crossing rather slowly so I was forced to brake. I decide then to take the moment and pulled over to the side of the road got off my bike and leant it against a post.
I had to take my bag off and riffle around in it for my phone and as I was doing that I noticed a set of lights coming closer from behind and instead of going past they slowed and stopped where the deer had just crossed and as I looked up it was the cyclist that I was fixing his bike outside the toilets earlier.
I found my phone and stood up and as I did the cyclist was getting off his bike and taking his head phones off and said It’s a perfect night for it as he was reaching into his jacket pocket for his phone. I made a comment about the night being amazingly quiet in the park and on the ride into it before turning to face the city and start to get Instagram up on my phone to take a picture. I could hear the other cyclist moving behind me and I though he was coming over to get a clear position to take his photo but as he came closer I felt his hand brush across the side of my bib shorts and before I knew it he was standing next to me taking a photo. I thought it was a bit unusual but didn’t make anything off it as it was a bit of a glancing brush of his hand. My phone is an old iPhone so was taking ages to load Instagram by which time he had taken some photos before I’d even got the camera icon up.
After he’d taken some photos he proceeded to put his phone away and asked me if I was cold only wearing bib shorts, base layer and cycling jersey. I replied that my toes are feeling the cold but once I got the blood circulating through the legs it was just a bit chilling but bearable. He then was saying that he had just got his new ASSOS three quarter tights and how he decided on basic black as it doesn’t show every little detail as much as the lighter colours. I took the opportunity to look at his legs and bulge whilst making a comment that they fitted nicely and that the ASSOS gear is always very well constructed but too expensive for me.

By this time my phone had decided to work and so whilst continuing the conversation about cycling gear and my light blue Gerolsteiner cycling kit (similar to the one pictured) I proceeded to take some photos of the clear night and the London Skyline which stretched out before us.
As I was about to take the second or third photo I felt his hand touch my leg just under my bum and I froze for a second or two and was a little startled as we were standing on the side of the main road that runs through Richmond Park and even though I had admired other cyclists in their kit this was the first time I’d been touched like this.
My heart was racing and I couldn’t speak so just continued to take a few more photos as his hand moved across and up over my bum until it reached the bottom of my jersey which it rested for a second or two before moving further up my bib shorts to the arch of my back where the strap that goes up between my shoulder blades starts.
I could believe what was happening and my whole body was reacting to his touch and my cock was hard and my whole body was throbbing.
All of a sudden some bright cyclists lights come over the verge of the hill and the cyclists hand shot out from beneath my jersey and I crouched down to look for something in my bag as the group of cyclists rode past as I thought my light blue bib shorts would show up my hard throbbing cock if one of their lights shone our way.
I was still flush and excited when I stood up and the cyclist gazed at my hard cock which was straining in my bib shorts and made a comment about how he liked the lighter coloured Lycra as it showed all the good bits and he liked what he saw earlier as I was coming out of the toilets. I didn’t know what was going to happen next as I really wanted to reach down and touch his bulge to see what another guys cock feels like through cycling lycra, but was very aware that at any moment more cyclists could ride past and catch us.
We chatted for a minute or so longer but soon there seemed like a constant stream of cyclist riding past before he put his headphones back in and cycled off. I was still reliving the feeling of his touch on my Lycra as I got back on my bike and proceeded to ride out of the park. As I continued to ride towards Putney I could help but continue playing over in my head about all the dark places in the park we could have been that might have allowed me to stroke his cock through his cycling shorts and maybe more.
This night had certainly delivered a few surprises and I knew I was going to have a good wank over what had happened earlier when I got home.

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